New Modern Man
That's My Girl
Listen and enjoy!
MY ORIGINALS These are my 'babies'. All are incomplete in one way or another - just demo recordings. Yes, that's me singing and playing all of the instruments. I wrote all of the lyrics and music; played all of the instruments, did the arrangements, produced and recorded all of the songs. All lyrics and music © Vincent J. Zuzow except for 5 Star Girl - music and lyrics © Vincent J. Zuzow and Mary Hartman - all rights reserved. While all of these songs are unfinished, due to the need for further vocals, additional lyrics, instrumental tracks and mixing, I think there is enough in each recording to give you a sense of the flavor of the piece. Listen and enjoy!
Down In Mexico
We Danced
5 Star Girl
I Spy
2 Dimes
Come On Baby
Playin' Around
Let's Give it a Try
Listen and enjoy!
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All music and lyrics Copyright 1990 - 2009 Vincent Zuzow all rights reserved
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