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In High School I tried my first attempt at playing in a basement band. Two guitar players, a bass player, and me on drums. I remember it so clearly! We ran through the first song a couple of times to get a feel for what each other was going to do, and to make sure we were all in the same key, but who was going to sing the song? As each player begged off with a shake of their head, or a wave of their hand as if to stop an invisible plague from entering their personal space - I said; I will! One of the guys placed an Electro Voice 57 on a straight mic stand to the left of me - nuzzled in next to my high-hat, and history was made. I was now a ‘singing-drummer’!
A little bit about my past My earliest childhood recollection of wanting to play an instrument was just outside of New Castle Pennsylvania on a 128 acre farm, where I just loved the sound that I heard when I hit certain pots and pans, and especially empty Quaker Oat containers! Drums were defiantly in my future! In jr. High School I began writing poetry, and creating my own lyrics to pop songs of the day. This was interesting and somewhat gratifying, but not completely fulfilling. I bought a VERY used set of Leedy Ludwig drums from a local drummer who had upgraded his set to a new Swingerland set, and I was off to practice every chance I could!
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